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  • Start Date 08/12/2019
  • Start Time 09:00 AM
  • End Date 08/16/2019
  • End Time 12:00 PM
  • Location Genesis Sport Centre

The Sport Leadership Club Program

Calgary Community Fencing Association – Sport Leadership Club

The Calgary Community Fencing Association Sport Leadership Club is a seasonal-based multi-sport leadership development opportunity for youth between the ages of 16 and 23.

The clubs program utilizes the sport of Olympic Fencing as a motivational and educational tool to develop both fencing-specific and multi-sport coaches with the capability to act as volunteers or be employed in sport or recreational settings.

Participants will to learn how to lead, coach and develop physical literacy in themselves and others in both the individual sports and games participation contexts. Participants will develop program management, pedagogical and technical skill training and receive certifications in National Coaching Certification Program Leadership and first aid. Within the ‘hands on’ practical components of their program, participants and their team will experience fencing training and will design and coach a short program for a group of children.

Who: Youth between the ages of 16 – 23 years old


Participants must be between the ages of 16 and 23 years old, be either a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or have been granted refugee status in Canada, and be able to complete a criminal record check.

There is no previous fencing, sport leadership, employment or volunteering experience required, although it is welcomed. Participants are expected to have a positive and respectful attitude, open mind, willingness to learn, and a high level of reliability.

This is a physical program and participants will be participating in both fencing-specific and multi-sport activities. Participants are expected to participate in intermediate physical activity for up to 2 hours at a time.


This intensive 3-week program uses Olympic Fencing / multi-sport activities as the vehicle to teach essential life, leadership, volunteer, and coaching skills.

Through a combination of instruction, volunteerism and participant-led experiences and planning, this multi-faceted program strives to foster community connection and confidence in local youth. Participants will become physically literate, while learning to communicate and collaborate as part of a multi-cultural team, co-managing projects from inception to execution. Participants will leave feeling empowered and inspired by the benefits of being active community members.

Certifications and skills gained

  • First Aid Certification
  • NCCP Coach registration and number
  • NCCP Making Ethical Decisions Module
  • Calgary Community Fencing Association – Community Youth Coach-Fencing (trained) certification
  • Opportunity to become ‘certified’ as Youth Coach-Fencing
  • Eligible for Coach-Fencing Level 1 program for the 2019-2020 season
  • Safety & risk management in the Physical Education environment skills
  • Project / program management skills
  • Pedagogical Skills (Group / class management, Essence and experience, Growth and development)
  • Technical skill acquisition in the sport of fencing as well as technical basics in physical literacy
  • Volunteer experience & information
  • Communication, collaboration, and relationship building
  • Self-efficacy and resiliency


Cohort #1 – Introduction to Olympic Fencing & Coaching Foundations

Genesis Centre, Calgary

August 12th – August 16th 2019 (Monday – Friday)

9:00AM – 12:00PM

This is a half-day fencing-specific immersion week 9:00 – 12:00, Monday through Friday. Participants will be introduced to the sport of Olympic Fencing and the foundations of coaching with a physical literacy focus. Multi-sport activities and games are included. Instructed by professional coaches.

Cohort #2 – Observation & Participation – Sport and Recreational Coaching

Repsol Sport Centre, Calgary

August 20th & August 22nd (Monday – Friday)

6:30PM – 8:30PM

These 2 hour sessions are a follow up to cohort 1 and provide the participants with the opportunity to observe and participate in various levels of coaching alongside coach professionals.

Cohort #3 – Coaching the ‘Fundamentals’ of fencing and multi-sport activities

Repsol Sport Centre, Calgary

August 26th – August 30th 2019 (Monday – Friday)

9:00AM – 4:00PM

This is a full-day coaching immersion week 9:00 – 4:00, Monday through Friday. Both Fencing activities and multi-sport activities are the focus. Practical coaching of peers as well as children and experienced fencers under the guidance of professional coaches help participants gain skills and confidence within leadership roles.

Cohort #4 – Ongoing Coach Development (The Next Step!)

Genesis Centre, Repsol Sport Centre & other club / community locations

September – December, 2019

Participants of the previous cohorts are supported throughout the first half of the fencing season / sport hub school year; by weekly leadership club meeting times (Genesis Centre), certification courses (weekends) and programs coach apprenticeship program – offering direct experience and employability.  Dates and times are assigned based upon program / participant requirements.


Employability: Participants will be learning and practicing essential employability skills such as leadership, followership, giving and taking feedback, respectful communication, conflict resolution, debriefing, project / program management and initiative taking. Participants have the chance to leave with an employment reference. Participants leave programming with a minimum of Community Youth Coach-Fencing ‘Trained’ certification which allows them immediate employability options with both the City of Calgary Sport Hub & The Calgary Community Fencing Association and entrance into the Coach-Fencing Level 1 program (NCCP level 1 coach – fencing)

Volunteerism: This program will introduce participants to the value of community service, and different types of options that are available to them in the city. Participants will also gain experience volunteering for different local organizations / clubs.

Community: This program will create a cohort of participants from different backgrounds who will collaborate to complete projects. This cohort community will also integrate with the Calgary community at large, the sport community, the fencing community and Community Sport Hub to create meaningful connections.

Leadership: Whether it is sport coaching, school or community coaching / instruction, group management, assessing risk, influential leading, public speaking & instruction, participants will learn and practice many different ways to lead.

Cost: Unique to any other coach development and leadership programs, this program has no monetary cost upfront to the participant. This gives the opportunity to participants who might not otherwise be able to attend to take part. The cost of a professional coach leadership course of its kind would cost annually up to $2500.

Physical Literacy: This program will instill the essential skills, knowledge and motivation required to become physically literate as well as to instruct / coach sports and activities with a physical literacy focus. This cluster of attributes are the fundamental basis of all sport and play activities and contribute to being ‘active for life’.

Experiential Learning: Unlike some other sport coaching programs, this program educates future coaches and leaders through firsthand experience; skills, knowledge and a reflective approach to leadership. This allows for immediate application of knowledge, real time coaching and feedback, teamwork and communication skills and a practiced reflective approach to coaching. Participants are empowered to take on future initiatives and leadership within their community.

Cost: There is no monetary charge for this program. Participants will sign a contract to establish their intent to be reliable, respectful, and commit to planning and executing both a self-led activity for the cohort as well as a self-led activity for another group.

The retail value of the total seasonal program is $2,500 per person.

Information & How to Register for the Program:

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