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Learn the Fundamentals of Fencing!

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Fencing Calgary School-Based Program, The FUNdamentals of Fencing, introduces students to the sport of Olympic Fencing with age and developmentally appropriate activities by grade.

The focus is on fun, skill acquisition and inclusive participation.

Students experience elements of the General Objectives (A, B & C’s) of the Alberta Active Living Program of Studies through play and technical basics associated with the practice of fencing. Children and youth completing the program are well prepared for further ‘Do it Daily’ (D) participation in the sport at the After-School or Community Levels!

SKILLSSchool Program Goals & Objectives

  • To introduce basic fencing skills and rules in cooperation with partners and groups utilizing the concepts of fair play and respect for a safe environment
  • To introduce and develop fundamental movement skills
  • To develop basic motor skills (agility, balance, coordination)
  • To develop hand-eye coordination
  • To introduce a new and exciting activity option for possible future participation after-school or in the community

learnGuiding Principles

  • Coaches / Instructors are trained within the National Coaching Certification Program
  • Many program coaches are professional coaches (NCCP level 3, 4) and some have an Alberta Teaching Certificate
  • Emphasis on fun and inclusive participation: “Learn while having fun & Have fun while learning!” in a safe, stimulating and positive environment
  • A Physical Literacy focus is embedded within the program activities
  • Utilize modified equipment appropriate for age and physical size

EasyProgram Equipment & Facility

  • All required equipment is included in the program cost and provided by Fencing Calgary
  • Equipment is modified in size and composition dependant on the age / grade of the class (modified plastic and foam equipment is utilized at lower grade levels) much like floor hockey or lacrosse
  • Equipment is cleaned and maintained consistently throughout the program
  • The FUNdamentals program is best delivered in a gymnasium environment however due to the nature of the activity other spaces such as lunch areas, multi-purpose rooms or even outside is appropriate to help with PE program scheduling.

Pricing & Programs

afordablePricing and Program Packages

Fencing is a very economically accessible activity! Multi-Day (FUNdamentals of Fencing) programs offer the student the opportunity to learn and participate for as little as $11.00! 

This includes:

  • Certified and experienced coaching / instruction
  • All age and grade appropriate equipment included
  • Program grade-specific materials for pre and post program activities (evaluation materials if desired)
  • Great advice on building cross-curricular ties with other subject areas!
FUNdamentals of Fencing Program

LearnSchool Program Option 1

The best option for program learning & experience, most economical!!

Maximum : 30 students per class

Instruction time: 180 Minutes over 3-4 days each for 7 separate classes or grades (21 hours total!)

Three, 1 hour sessions OR Four, 45 minute sessions per class

Cost per student:   $2.25 – $3.25

One Whole Day of Fencing

FUNSchool Program Option 2

One day of fencing experience for 7 classes in your school.

Maximum:  30 students per class

Instruction Time: 6 hours total

Cost Whole School Day:  $580.00

Custom Packages

UniqueSchool Program Option 3

Please email or call for partial or specialized programming to fit your schools unique needs!

Longer Phys. Ed. Unit programs available for grades 4 through 9 as well as PE20 & PE30



For educators or parents with a Fencing Interest!

Want to learn to fence yourself and teach your students yourself?

  • You don’t need to be a Phys. Ed. Teacher! In fact, most of our new teacher-coaches are not!
  • We will train you in 3-6 hours to be a community coach-in-training for FREE!
  • We will provide your school with all required equipment at a nominal cost!
  • We will support your school program with a coach as long as you need their help!

This is the most cost-effective program we offer AND the most FUN!
Contact us today if you’ve always wanted to try fencing and never got the chance!!

Professional Certified Coaches