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Welcome to Fencing Calgary

Learn to Play the Fencing Way!

Give Fencing a TRY

Come Give Fencing a TRY! Children, Youth & Adults Welcome.
Register for Your FREE 45 Minute Trial Online Now!

LEARN to Fence in a Beginner Class

Beginner Fencing Classes for Ages 7 – 14
NO Previous Experience – Learn to PLAY the Fencing WAY!

PRACTICE Fencing in Our Badge Program

Our Badge Program is Designed to Progressively Develop Fencers Ages 7 – 14.
Must Have Completed the LEARN Program

Learn a New Sport & Active for Life Fencing

Beginner Classes for Youth & Adults Ages 14+ with NO Previous Experience
Active For Life Fencing for Those Who Have Completed Beginner Class

PLAY at Fun Filled Fencing Competitions

Come out and PLAY in Age-Specific, Participation-Based Events
Designed for Fencers Ages 8 – 17

Half & Full Day Summer Camps

Beginners & Experienced Fencers Ages 8 – 16 
Full Day & Half Day Options are Available 

Participate in Score Box Fencing

The BOUTING Program Offers Fencers Flexible Opportunities to Participate in Score Box Fencing for Fun & Training

IMPROVE with One-on-One Instruction 

IMPROVE Offers Private Instruction for ALL Levels  
Develop Coordination, Self-Confidence & Perseverance 

Learn How to Train

The TRAIN Program Offers Fencers Age-Specific Classes with Specialized
Coaching for Those Who Want to Learn to Train

Develop Your Leadership Skills

The LEAD Program Offers Valuable Leadership Experience, Classes and Mentor-Based Practice for Ages 14+